Is there more I could do?

I have made a site that is for my wife. she makes necklaces that is sold on the site. I have a main index swf. that loads all the content in a movie on demand. the only thing is that it makes it tricky to have nice trans from one thing to another, though I think I make up for it in speed and cpu responds time. I’m still really new the the hole flash action script, php and mysql.
I don’t know really why yet but for some reason I don’t really like xml yet. I know as a corporate site I would have a lot to redo, but as a newbie I think I did all right. But that’s just not gonna do it for me. I want to learn as much as I can about flash. I’m on flash mx and I’m gonna chill there till they get out 9, that way they’ll have worked out any bugs out of 8.

well any good ides about would be much appreciated.

I really don’t care what its about even if you think it’s crap let me know. Any info is as good as gold to me.

Also whats the best way to get text seen on the swf. for search listing, like google and yahoo. I go to a site that looks up title relevancy to page content and so on. I get a " The Title relevancy to page content is 0%"
from it’s because it don’t see the text in <!-- . Do you think google has this problem too?