Is this even possible?

The vision:

Menu that rotates square around an image (so to speak).

I want to have my navigation menu (which consiste of four words) rotate around a square (invisable) to which based on user clicking on one of the titles will load an external .swf in the middle of the words. While the external .swf plays (slide show) the menu will continue to rotate around the movie (kinda like a border) until the user clicks on another menu or the movie is finished (which ever comes first).

I figured out how to make it all work if the center piece is a circle. But how do you make the words bend around the corners of the square?


Square with four words that rotate clockwise around continiously, and can load an external .swf into the middle based on user choice.

Oh and I already know how to call the external movie into where I want it. My real stumbling block is the words to constantly rotate around it.

Thanks in advance,

I don’t understand what you want to do. I just wanted to tell you that I liked your footer :slight_smile: How did you do it?

pom :asian:

The footer was actually a gift :wink: so I have no idea how it was created …

I have tried to draw what I am trying to do in the attached image. That is the basis for the design and then I want all menu titles to constantly rotate clockwise around the square (which is not actually visable).


OK, so the trouble is making the titles follow the edge of the square, right?

pom :asian:

Too bad for the footer :slight_smile:

you could try to make your text travel along the path using motion paths. I could explain here, but Macromedia’s tutorial is quite easy to follow. The trick will be that you will have to do the same thing for all four layers and combine them. Start out with two at a time… if you run into any problems, let us know… we’ll be happy to help.

pom … i made the footer … its just a movie clip following a path. in the movie clip are 3 frames … each with a different leaf picture … a random frame is picked onLoad.

vix … as for your square. you would either have to get really creative with math in flash or you’re going to have to animate it by hand. just take each symbol and instead of using the circle as a motion path … use the squre.

should work.

hope this helps

Yes Shuga, but I liked the rotation of the leaves, like they’re spinning in the wind. :slight_smile:

And Vixie, I guess you could also get away with dynamic event handlers, but the path is easier.

pom :asian:

pom … the leaves are just a motion tween of a symbol made to make them look like they are spinning. it appears random but it’s not :slight_smile:

as for the path. i don’t think that will work anymore. she wants the letters to move around the square like a train does around a track. not just have the symbol follow the path. this would require bending of the symbol. so i’m not quite sure how to accomplish this except with a whole lot of animation and conditional gotoandPlay statements.

have a nice day!

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Vixie … who is stuck at work today :-\ and will figure this out (gives me something to do)

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Okay back to figuring this out. Well back to figuring out sound, then gonna figure this out.

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lol cutie … i bet it will be


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