¿ is this possible?

hi! i wanna make a movieclip with…

  1. a dynamic text which can be dynamically
    -input text
    -set width & height (much better if the height will
    automatically resize depending on the length of the text)

  2. a invisible button that dynamically resizes with respect to the
    width and height of the dynamic text (as on no.1)

  3. has a “Live Preview” (just like the MX button components)

Basically, it’s just like a component… it just have an additional feature (no.1)



this is very simple,

In flash mx you can create your requirements.

you mail to [email protected] with more clarifications. So that I will send you final FLA.


hi prat! …weow kinda sounds a relief to me… well, i’ll be glad if you can attached an fla so i may take a look…

thanks! :thumb: