Is this possible?

I want a animation to play automatically in intervals. If there has been no action for a while then the animation will play lets say every like 45 secs if no mouseover or click. I have been thinking on it for a minute but nothing. If anyone knows a fla or a tut on it… I would very much appreciate it. Oh yeah I figured out my smart clip dilemna. Thanks to those who took time to post. Eventually I will be as good as most on here…(with help from u guys)


I have been thinking on it for a minute but nothing.
I like that. An idea : onClipEvent (mouseMove) {_root.marker=1;}\rThen

 onClipEvent (enterFrame) {\r\rif (!_root.marker) {//do stuff}\r\relse {\r\r        if (timer>45) ;\r\r        }\r\r}

you’d have to define a timer for that. Check the getTimer () function if you don’t know how to do this.\r\rpom 0]

Wow this stuff comes so easy to you guys. Some of that looks kinda familiar to me. But…you would not happen to know where I can find a tut on it? WOW 1985 posts…that is allot :slight_smile:

I cheat about the post… Gnark gnark.\rAbout that thing, I’m gonna try and make something. In Flash 5 since that’s the Flash 5 forum, but I guess it should be the same with MX.\r\rpom 0]

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here it is\r[email protected]\r\rman you are truly cool.

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