Iterate Object Name

I need help making a number of shopping cart objects dynamically at runtime. i have the number of carts needed in an array with one product value for each cart (the first value id like to insert)

id like it to end up like this:

var shop_cart1 = new Shopping();
var shop_cart2 = new Shopping();
var shop_cart3 = new Shopping();

and so on…
shopping is a class i borrowed
and is made up of Product objects.

i have both classes available if needed…

this is what ive tried:
for (i=0;i<numCarts;i++){
tempCart = “shop_cart” + i;
var tempCart = new Shopping ();

but this does not work… please assist me if you can in understanding. Perhaps i can not make these at run time and i should handle it diff??

thank you in advance