iTMS Songs on Multiple Computers

I bought an iPod last week, and also started downloading from the iTMS (iTunes Music Store). My cousins were visiting from out of town, and brought their iPods along too. So, we decided to go in on a bunch of songs together because they are licensed for up to 5 computers. So, I downloaded about 50 songs to my laptop and they paid me for half of them. We both loaded them on to our iPods without a problem.

So my cousin gets home today and she can’t play them from her computer. It says she is not authorized and it needs my password. I don’t want to give it to her because the account is linked to my credit card/paypal account.

So my question is, is there a way to get by this “protection”? After all, the song is licensed for up to 5 computers, and as of now it is only on 2 (my laptop and my desktop). Or, is there a way to convert these songs from the .m4p or whatever they are to .mp3 or any other readable format?

I know I saw something about Real cracking Apple’s file format, would that apply to this?

You’re officially not meant to do this (DRM bullsh*t :-/)… but it’s fairly simple: burn to CD and rerip. Or there’s a project called PlayFair that lets you crack the DRM, but I think it got took down.

Thanks NJS :slight_smile:

How would we burn them to a CD? Is there a special program we need that will burn this filetype as a plain old audio CD? Or will iTunes do it even though we don’t have the “rights”? Or should I just have my cousin burn them and send them to me?

I let itunes burn the mp3s for me.

Play fair is gone, Hymn is still around to the best of my knowladge.

If they dont live to far, your best bet would to be just do it for them, that way they wont have your pass.