It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to

Everyone should wish me the best and pray that this headache doesn’t last all day.

Good lord White russians, and red wine, do not mix well. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday david :slight_smile: Hope you get to be feeling better!

Kirupa :bandit:

Happy birthday, upu. Btw, do you drink your white russians the Lebowski style?

pom :asian:

u shouldn’t drink white russians…they will turn yr hair a funny colour…


Happy B-Day Fella… :slight_smile:


happy b-day david…

A beutiful and bitter song, if I’m not mistaken. “Suicide is Painless”, a theme song which was so contraversial for the day, that they only played an instrumental of it for the TV Series. The origional in all it’s glory can be heard on the pilot movie of “MASH”

Unless I’m wrong in which case I sound like an idiot. :slight_smile:

I’m 32 now Phil, but that’s just in human years. I’m 421,234,156.09 in mosquito age, and only .0000000001 in Universal age. You just gotta keep these things in perspective, or completely out of perspective.

Thanks for all the well wishes. My headache is gone. Some water and aspirin will do wonders. Sleep helps too.

The best white russians are made with a tiny shot of sprite mixed in. not joking - try it sometime! But in all cases, they are best enjoyed in the absence of any red wine whatsoever. But you know that now, right?

:slight_smile: Happy belated birthday to you. I’m glad you lost the headache.


I will try that. Sounds good.

Happy Birthday to you. :slight_smile:

I can sympathise with the headache, I woke up with something very similar on Saturday morning after a night out with the lads. Argh, but those boys can drink

Incidentally, that upstanding pillar of society Marilyn Manson has done a cover of “Suicide Is Painless”, it was the B side to his version of “Tainted Love” and quite good…

no way… I loved their cover of Tainted love, I’ll have to check that out.

I’m sure I’ve got the Manson version somewhere as an mp3… I’ll try and hook it out for ya. :slight_smile: