Its not mine this site isnt mine, but i was wondering. Who actually likes it?:cubs:

Hey it’s okay, you can admit it.

This is one of those: “I have this friend, and he built this crappy site…”
But we all know it’s you. :lol:

I’m just messing with you, it’s not a crappy site, even if you did build it.

um… it needs work

I agree with bombingpixels the color scheme isnt the best neither is the font choice, but if you did in fact build this than dont let any of the comments on the board offend you but instead take them and use them to become better.

i found that link on one of the tutes here at kirupa. the creater of this site wrote this tutorial :slight_smile:

soo, isnt that like the worst site EVER?

at least he has a site :stuck_out_tongue:

jk umm… it’s not the worst site in the world, just needs some work :slight_smile:
Don’t cut people down too, be constructive. Cutting people down gets nobody no where :slight_smile:

yeah, its the worst site ever lol

um, I got a security window pop-up so I just closed the site.