I've Got a BIG Mouth

I’m not really offended, I just think that’s simply rude though. Not in good taste to do… :wink:


Ruski did not get banned for “just” that comment, his behavior is becoming outragous. I urge to you, I don’t enjoy banning people, actually he was my first ban. But putting down members site’s for no reason at all, is not something I will tolerate.

I was 13 when I made that version of my site a few months ago, actually. I’ve been working on my next version for quite some time and hopefully it won’t have the same sort of response.

I’m sure it won’t man, to be honest, when I read his comment, I checked your site and it didn’t look bad at all :smiley: You’ve got a lot of potential. I expected much worse going on his comments…

I agree with El thierro.

As for ruski…well, I saw it coming.

Indeed, he wasn’t banned just for this, but for this plus all previous occasions of unacceptable behavior. He pushed it too far.