I've Got a BIG Mouth

I’ve got a big mouth.

Some of you are probably nodding in agreement. :wink: But I really do. It seems like I can’t stop myself from overselling with clients. I don’t oversell my skills or the quality of work that I’ll do for them but I always promise to do things right away and perform work in unrealistic timelines. It’s 7pm on a friday night, my friends are out partying and I’m planning on working all weekend (like every weekend it seems) to get stuff done for people who would never do the same for me or anyone else for that matter.

Are there others like me? Am I nuts?

It’s not like anyone is forcing me to work weekends but I made a promise and I’ll be dammed if I break it. Right now I feel like a goat chasing a carrot that’s just beyond my reach and I’m getting pretty tired. I realised just how mucked up my schedule was when a friend of mine asked me to go golfing (which I used to do at least twice a week) the other day and I had every day booked for work until the beginning of September. It was kind of embarrassing that I needed a months notice to go golfing.

I keep telling myself that the next job will be different and I’ll tell them they’re on a waiting list but I never do. As soon as I get infront of a potential client I’ll do everything and anything to get the job and most of the time more than needed.

How can I stop myself from this nasty overselling disease?

I’ll be working all weekend myself :sigh:

Work like the dickens, even on the weekends, but charge a lot of money. Then don’t take another job for 6 weeks and go and have some fun. That way you can not only party your butt off with your friends on Friday evenings but also Mondays, Tuesdays, Wendesdays . . . get it? While they are all at work ha ha!!


If I were you CG (and someday perhaps…cough…) I wouldn’t be spamming the forums if I had an entire solid month of work to be getting on with. Of course if I was me, which I am…I think…most of the time…cough again, I would be spamming the forums and not doing any work until about two days before the deadline when I’d get myself in a complete panic and work for like twenty hours straight. Btw: I’m not a professional web designer, this is how I’ve been doing my GCSE coursework for the last year.:ne:

I think what I’m trying to say here is:
[font=Arial Black][size=6][color=red]GET BACK TO WORK!!![/color][/size][/font]

I wish I had an over selling disease. Right now I don’t have any clients at all. :frowning:

krilnon-you need to work on your website, so that you’ll have something to show to possible clients. right now your website looks like it was made by a 12 year old.

what’s wrong with twelve-year-olds… many of us (including me) on the forum are very close :smiley:

and yeah!!! get back to work!!!

This coming from a 13 year old…

Be more polite ruski…you could have left out the last sentence, if even posted at all -



He’s banned? For that? :h:

3 day ban…

He’s banned? For that?

He said Krilnon’s site was something made by a 12 yr old. This is unbelievable. Eilsoe i dont think he deserves a 3 day ban, more like being banned permantly. Hes been banned already. Wheres Rev when you need him?

I have to admit I didn’t know him before, the first time he got banned… But just being unsubtle and unsensitive in giving comment… is that really a reason to ban him? And especially permanently?

Don’t mean to criticise the mods here or anything, I’m not qualified to do so anyway, just giving my .02 :ne:


that’s a bit harsh, but also saying it was made by a twelve year old is disrespectful to all the young people in here. I approve of the action :wink:

Yeah Ruski is often disrespectful to others! ‘Constructive Criticism’ and ‘tact’ are obviously missing from his vocabulary. I agree with the three day ban. He’s being getting a little rude lately, maybe this will be enough of a warning. BTW: How many warnings do you get before you’re banned permanently?

How 's that for tact :wink:

He started it!

I have to admit I didn’t know him before, the first time he got banned… But just being unsubtle and unsensitive in giving comment… is that really a reason to ban him?

So what would suggest? Giving him another warning or a polite way of saying it was a rude comment? There isnt any excuse to be inconsiderate of others who have been here longer than here has. In addition to the fact that he has already been banned gives him no right to be here. It also show disrespect towards other members here who are also 13 or 14 who show respect as well as been helpful in giving assistance to others who are having trouble with issues such as flash. Its no use for him and anyone for that matter to be here if you are not interested or are involved in web-development in anyway or form. This forum could well be just about flash, photoshop and drawing and design. Its only because we also have issues about computers and games that Kirupa opened up the Computer and Games forum as we like to share our problems and solutions. Would you disagree if Rev had banned him permanently?

Sorry for my replies CG but things have to be set straight.

Right’o, I’m pulling out of this. I knew this was gonna blow up in my face again :beam:

All I’m saying is that if I were 12 years old, I wouldn’t be offended by a phrase like that…it’s just a fact that most younger kids aren’t as skilled in stuff like this as older people…Just like they can’t lift as much weight, or drive cars or something. Of course you always have exceptions, many of who do an even better job then the rest of us, and it’s often those kids who end up on forums like these, proving to be very helpful indeed. But I don’t think they’re really offended when someone says something like Ruski did… Maybe the ones on K-Forum are lightly offended =)

But yeah, he should watch how he puts things, and should try to be more tactful…and if several warnings (which I didn’t see btw, like I mentioned earlier) didn’t help…