Java much does it cost? please quote


i’m not sure whether this is the right place to ask this question, since i don’t know where’s the right place to ask it…could anyone please quote for me how much would you pay for the system i described below? because actually i just completed two projects for my clients, and i know i’m heavily underpaid for the programs, but since they’re my friends and i just started doing this freelance job, i just did it.

  1. A program which allows staffs from a department to post their one year action plan, which will then be stored inside a database. The system will then periodically send notification emails to the staff and his/her boss 14 days and 7 days before the due date of the action plan, and one overdue notification if the action plan submitted is not completed in one week time after the proposed due date. The system admin/boss will be able to view all the action plan submitted and processed.
    The program consist of 2 html forms (1 to submit the action plan, one for the login page of the admin/boss), 2 java servlet(one for the processing of the action plan, another for the admin/boss to view the action plan) and 2 java applications (to monitor any notification to be processed and overdue actionplan, and to send email message). The system are deployed on Apache Tomcat, with integration of MySQL database and JavaMail API.
    It took me 2 weeks to complete the system.

  2. A company proposed my university to create for them a security billing system, which enables the company to send encrypted bills to their client. RSA public key encryption and blowfish encryption are used to encrypt and decrypt the bill. A list of One time password are generated which will then be randomly choosen as the password to encrypt the bill,where the resulting ciphertext will be encrypted using the server’s private key. The decrypting process goes the other way around, but the actual encrypting/decrypting process includes about 2 more process (which includes generating random ID, encrypt this and that)…my lecturer ask me to help to write a program that does all the functions described above. It took me about 2 weeks to complete them. MySQL database, JavaMail API, bouncycastle encryption API are used to write the program.

I really hope anyone can quote how much would these programs will actually cost, because i know i’m heavily underpaid, and God Willing, for the next projects i receive i want to charge my clients with the actual market price.