JavaScript from scratch

Hey! My name is Kirill and I want to share my impressions about this wonderful book. I’ve been trying to get into programming for a very long time and can’t figure out the basics. It was very difficult to remember commands, syntax and so on. In addition, I am Russian-speaking and my English is very poor. But a few months ago I bought from scratch Kirupa Chinnathambi wonderful book on Javascript. And it’s simply the best book I’ve ever read. In a few months I learned the basics of the language and now I can write programs and websites. No online course compares to this book!!!

I want to say a huge thank you to the author, you opened up a completely new and interesting world for me, into which I plan to immerse myself for a long time.


Thanks for the nice comments @KirillEvo. Glad you found the book helpful. As you continue going deeper into HTML, CSS, an JS, feel free to ask here and we’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

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Of course I will ask!
Thanks again!

Great to hear that. I would also like to buy. By your comment I think the book is awesome and I should definitely read it.
Thank you for the review.