Javascript into Flash for "Now Playing" Radio Station feature

Hi talented vecks of i have a query. i would like to implement a “Now Playing” feature for a radio station, but i would like it to be in flash, as i am building the site in it. not sure if it can be done, but it would be amazing if it could. so if any of you can give me any kind of suggestion, then please post. thank you.


well… depends what app you’re using for the player… like for winamp, there are plugins that can save it to a txt file, then you can have flash load in that txt… just depends where you’re having the name of the file outputted

well, it will be winamp. so how would i go about getting that implemented then? thanks for replying bombingpixels.

you can use this, then format the template properly and use this tutorial: to load it in

ok, i will see if i can work on something from that. thanks, appreciated.

np :wink:

quick question here, off that topic slightly. i want to link to a url from flash. ok, i can do this >

on (release) {
getURL (“”)

but when this link is pressed, it doesnt open in a new window. how do i make it open in a new window? i know the html coding, but what is the flash code?

then it should be:
on (release) {
getURL (“”, “_blank”)