Tutorial Help?

I am interested in making tutorials for Kirupa.com. Can someone please tell me where to start?


find an effect that does not have a tutorial here already. and break it apart step by step and write out how to do it.

Do I need to make it any specila way? HTML? Word? Notepad? Cause I have screen shots and stuff for it.

I think that HTML usually works best for that sort of thing, though having it in Flash has it’s advantages too, namely animation showing what you’re clicking on in the Flash program. That can be really tough though, especially for people new to the process of writing tutorials.
I think that HTML makes it easier on Kirupa as well. He remakes the tutorials in ASP pages anyway.

You’re best bet is to go through the tutorials that are already there and see if you can learn anything from them.

K, I am gonna write how to create a MP3 player that links to the songs. Check my site for details of what this looks like. www.evilattitude.com/index2.html


That’s great ! But could you explain everything from the beginning (import the sound, or whatever it is you do) ?
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Great music by the way.

Ya, actually every song is a seperate swf, that is then linked to by the main player. Its quite simple actually.+