Javascript submenus


i’ve never seen a javascript question asked here, but i thought i would try my luck. i’m having difficulty creating a javascript function that when you rollover an image, it pops up a menu in a different place. to see what i’m trying to do, check out:

…and rollover the images on the front page. does anyone have any idea how to do this? i know it’s complicated, but if you can point me in the right direction i would appreciate it.

thank you,


Hello fumeng,
That entire series of rollovers on that had to have been created in Macromedia Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver includes extensive tools to create sophisticated rollovers such as that. Try this URL: There are plenty of sites, but I have found very little that allow you to create rollovers such as that online.

You can even go to (CNet’s download site) and search for various programs that allow you to create java based drop down menus. Good luck on your javascript hunt !!


thanks a lot for the info, kirupa, i really appreciate it.