Has anyone used the Jet CLI tool from Codeship? Essentially it’s just jet encrypt .env.production and jet decrypt encrypted.env.production. I use it at work to check .env files into source control.

Great tool, but you have to have a Codeship account. Does anyone know of any alternative with the above functionality? (I think I could make one in a couple of hours but I thought I would ask before starting down that road).

Sorry - I haven’t heard of this! :worried:


Me neither, but let us know how it goes…

I found one recommendation but I didn’t have much luck so I made a little Ruby gem. It still needs work, my end goal is to create a Homebrew formula so this can be easily installed as a CLI tool.

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I made some fixes in the latest version, the executable works so you can now just run eon generate to create a new AES key. It’s also on Ruby Gems now: eon_crypt | | your community gem host

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