No, you can't use React, GreenSock, GitHub, or...😱

Pardon the provocative title! :stuck_out_tongue:

My latest newsletter just went out where I talk about the challenges you may face trying to build something in a large organization:

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Nice article :slightly_smiling_face:
It kind of sounds like an article you would get your team to read… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What do you use for version control at Firebase?
Did they reinvent the wheel or just fork Git?
Does Firebase utilize Golang?

Are you going to do a “secrets of Firebase” episode? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Even better! We use Github for large parts of it! :zap:

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Great article.
(just a quick sidenote: I read it in the email and I wanted to give you the “great” feedback. I did find it but the “reply” options where very discreet - specially in this rushy days:
“do send me a tweet or post on the forums to let me know!”
I think they deserve a button : )

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That is great feedback! I’ll see if Substack will allow me to do that next time! :slight_smile:

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I think you covered this all pretty well; I enjoyed reading it.

I’m sort of envisioning someone saying “I want to write my code (step A) and run it (step B)”, but there are lots of intermediate steps you might not imagine, so it ends up being that a bunch of letters are inserted in the middle (systems, processes, libraries, etc. like you mentioned), so it’s really step A … step Z.

One of the funniest examples from an old job is that there was (intentionally) no network connection between my office and the place where I wanted to run some code, so the most expedient solution was to burn new commits to a DVD and carry it to a different floor with the relevant computer(s).

Maybe part of the art of it is that for any given task, there’s some flexibility about which of the alphabet of steps you’re considering actually matters, and maybe it turns out that instead of a Boolean ‘yes’ this is required or not, it’s a floating-point scale of importance, and oh, actually some of the steps are not strictly ordered, so D can happen before B, etc.


I ran in to a bit of a relevant situation recently. I was applying for jobs and found that many contractors for the government need to publish for the browser only, because installing any new software is considered out of bounds, as you call it.

Because of this, many of them have legacy flash content they need ported. Believe it or not the flash background actually got me a job offer as a unity developer :smile:

I ended up going with a different job though (unity dev non flash) even I didn’t want to bust out the old flash drives lol


Also mildly relevant, I’ve been given my choice of version control (fairly small company).

Obviously GitHub is safe-ish, though has had breaches apparently, but this combined with unity usually managing large files, its not ideal for me. Yes git LFS is used but i already hit my limit and need to buy storage…which they will but, I’m thinking merge over to Gitea. I’ve used it locally in the past, its a clone of the old github layout. Full control, and no storage limits. I actually prefer it.

What i have not done is hosted it remotely in probably a docker container…I had it setup locally on a drive, and that drive backed up automatically to a server…weird perhaps, but so am i i guess.

or maybe i just pay GitHub for more storage and don’t bother since its not my money anyway and I’m just complicating things for myself.

edit: relevancy to the post is me potentially hosting private client data on github, which doesn’t sit well w me

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Have you considered GitLab? A lot of large companies use them. I haven’t done a deep look into why GitLab is used, especially in enterprises, but that maybe something to consider if you haven’t already explored it :robot:

I have not, but i see the free tier is 5GB so i will give it a trial run thanks!

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I had a play with Bitbucket a while ago. It seemed alright…

I’m super surprised that Google hasn’t got its own version control…


Google does! :earth_americas:


Cloud Source Repositories is free for up to 50 GB of storage per month.

Well then. I will be giving this a go tomorrow

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