Jobs completes WWDC Keynote: New Products

Steve Jobs gave his keynote to 3500 registered developers. A 17% increase over last year.

Jobs talked about the iPod and its future, chip speeds and why the 2.5ghz vs. 3ghz and then moved onto new products.

Jobs then unvailed the long awaited and heavily updated LCD screens. Apple has done away with the 17" studio display and added a 30" HD monitor to the new line. This monitor only works with the new NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra graphics card for $599, two monster DVI cables to drive it. The new 30" screen boasts a 4.1 million pixels and has FireWire/USB ports right on the monitor (as do all the new LCD screens). The 30" is only compatable with the PowerMac G5 - other monitors will work with all other machines.

Jobs then stated that OS X has 12 million users which is about 1/2 of the installed base. OS X also has 12 thousand native apps.

Jobs also unvailed OS 10.4 Tiger which will ship in the first half of 2005 (but believe me, Panther is still amazing - so no need to wait it out ;)). It will again have over 150 new features and will be using a new search feature called Spotlight. You can now search better, faster, and more throuly. We will aslo see 64-bit Unix (if i read that right) and better SMB support. The new search will let you search through images, mail addressbook ect. The System Preferences has been updated as well as a ton of new features to Safari 2.0 - the biggest being the RSS feed.

Alias is also bringing its Maya Unlimited to OS X later this summer. 25% of their worldwide sales are now on Mac. (full WWDC Keynote notes)
With love-

Tiger keeps up Apple’s blazing pace of innovation with Spotlight, a revolutionary new way to find files and information on your personal computer; Safari RSS, a new version of Apple’s innovative web browser that provides instant access to the most current RSS information on the web; Dashboard, a dazzling new way to get in and out of a collection of new all-purpose “widgets” quickly; and iChat AV multi-way video and audio conferencing, the industry’s first consumer solution with a stunning 3D interface.