Apple Ends Q3 - iMac G5, new iPod

Apple finished Q3 with a 19% Mac-based revenue increase and on their conference call there were talks confirming that there were problems with the G5 chip - causing the iMac hold up.

There were also talks of new iPods in August.

what kind of new iPods? if they are cooler, cheaper ones, i’ll be ticked. I just bought an iPod last night :expressionless:

Return it if i were you :confused: its only like amonth…

do you know what is on tap for new iPods though?

i just read this article:

it seems like nothing to sway me of my purchase i just made. what could they possibly offer that’s new when im really happy with what i just bought? i mean they could offer video and stuff, but i’m not anticipating anything that i’d regret this iPod.

besides, i knew my iPod would be out of style in two years anyways, so I know im buying one in two years.

New iPod’s to be smaller, sleeaker, and come in different colours.

If you go to they have a new design for iPods on their homepage.

nice. i think i will have to get myself one.