Yeah I redid my site again.

I’d say it’s in it’s last trimester of design right now. I’m up for suggestions, but the general look and concept are completely set. I’m thinking of better ways to utilize some space and also working on the background image deal as I think of good ideas. In a week or two I’ll add a portfolio to this which will be in the same two column sort of thing and most likely make use of lightbox in a fairly stylized form.

Usability/Readability weren’t really my biggest concerns, as you can see. There’s only two pages right now because I’m working on the archives page, search pages, extra pages, and the portfolio. You can chalk whatever is on the right column up to temporary space filler. The tags most likely won’t stay there but they look good for now and fill up the space. On the about page you’ll notice some links in that column. Those will most likely stay there but I’ll be adding to them so it doesn’t look so stupid. If you have a non-crappy website I’d be happy to toss a link up.

Anyway I know this isn’t exactly the most accessible website (accessible as in easy to look at and appreciate, not 503), so I expect a good deal of negative comments. But I’m cool with that, let 'em rip.