Judge me!

hey there,
my name is derek and this is my first flash page… i made it for my band… uh… yeah… please look at it and give me some suggestions on how to make it better…


First flash page? Excellent start.

I love the intro and especially the drawings. The only thing I’d change about the drawings is the part where the girl fades in and out - make her on one layer. When the alpha lowers you can see her neck behind her head. If she was compacted on to one layer that problem wouldn’t exist. Although, to be honest, I doubt anyone’ll notice that problem.

Also, I’d probably cut out the “Ray Of Light” logo thing. It’s not original enough to be showboated.

Great layout. I love the roll-over effect. Very clever.

The only problem is that when you click on something you have to hit the back button on your browser, thus forcing you to watch the intro again. Maybe you should use “loadmovie” instead of “getURL” and add a “Back To Main” button?

When you click on the links that don’t really exist yet and the little lens flare goes off and fades out and starts dripping and all that crap… That’s really cool. I love that.

Great work. Keep it up.

hanks for he input… i’ve noiced manyof the things you mentiuoned and i’ll try and get them fixed soon… i also hope to add music in the near future… do you have any hints for adding music i should know before starting?

one more thing… i am painfully aware of the annoyance caused when you click on the “band” or “news” links… originally, i waned to have hem open up in another window, leaving he origional page running in i’s own window but i have absolutely no idea how to do this… what is this “load movie” you speak of?

thanks again

It’s under the basic actions, but it’s not mentioned in the tutorials that come with Flash and I don’t think I’ve seen it explained in any other tutorials, either, so a lot of people just don’t know it exists.

You shouldn’t have much trouble finding it - again, it’s in the basic actions. After that, again, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s like getURL except that it only works for .swf files and instead of changing the whole page you’re on another flash file just starts loading and, if you want, you can put it anywhere you want - however compacted.

If you have any trouble with it feel free to ask for help, but basically what you want to do is loadmovie news.swf or whatever on top (as in literally over top of) of what’s being shown. Then just add a back button that will unloadmovie that .swf (you’ll have to load the movie inside of an empty movie clip or something and then use the unloadmovie command and tell it to get rid of whatever’s in that movie clip.) and it’ll take you back to the main page.

If you have any problems just ask me and I’ll whip up a quick tutorial for you.

Just make sure you save it before you test it. If it’s an unsaved file it’ll probably check the wrong folder.