Just another question

what i want is a normal video such as car.MOV imported into flash, i can do that, but what i want to no is how individual pictures (the movie broken down into frames) are made so they are just out lines, or wire frame…if you get me…can n e 1 help?

Not sure if I get your meaning… there is no way of making real video into wireframe as far as I’ve found. The best way would be to create a car in 3dsMax, or swift3d, and export as a wireframe.

well i fink there is a way, for starters ive seen sumit like that on


well say if i had a set of pics and in PSP i made them into pencil out line that mite work!

what vectoring? does that have n e thing to do wiv wot im on about?

why don’t you import your bitmaps, put a layer over it, and trace the lines you want (with the pencil or pen…)?

I read that Flash 5 can import QT *.mov files - it is on Macromedia’s website and is in the Flash 5 Bible - the problem is when I import a *.mov file (that I have created from my video camera program - MGI VideoWave +SE) Flash 5 gives me the following error message:

“One or more files were not imported because there were errors reading them.”

I am able to import your *.mov file from you demo, so I think the problem is in my export settings from my other program. Do you know what settings (frame rate, codec, etc) that I should use to import the *.mov’s into Flash 5? What did you use to create your QT files?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

man you know www.muse-official.com/ was mentioned before too, and I can’t get into that site either. I get page not found errors…

Very strange… indeed, as I have no restrictions on what I can view.

urm well the site did work! sorry but i isn’t now, maybe sumit at there end rather than our end!

After sitting up all night I figured out what was going on - my piece of crap MGI VideoWave SE+ (AKA free with my digital camera) does not export a current version of *.mov files. That little hint was buried in the middle of the readme file.

I broke down and purchased Quicktime 5 Pro and all my wishes (at least in the AV side of the house) were fulfilled.

I apologize for wasting anyone’s time. I know you all understand what it is like to be up all night trying to figure out something web-related.

Again, thanks for your time and keep up the great forum.

i would try to find some program that can convert .mov’s to .avi’s. then find a program that can change .avi’s to individual jpegs. i’ve done this before in the past and i know for a fact there are programs out there. i just can’t name them off the top of my head. irfan view can convert avi’s to individual jpegs.

There’s a soft called avitobmp.exe, somewhere…
After Effects 5 exports to swf (images in successive keyframes).
Premiere also exports anything to image sequences…
Found what you need?

i did what eyezberg sed above.

i got that program off a site that eyezberg gave earlier with the topic heading “cool tools” then i canverted the .AVI i had into individual pics, and just traced around them it looks decent. not how i originally wanted them to look like but they look ace anyway.

wen im done il post the finished thing. but mind, all you lot will think its crap, cos i aint as urm how should i put it. ‘PRO’ as the ppl here.

Hey man,
you don’t need to be “pro” to come up with some good stuff in Flash, you need to have an idea!!
And then, if you have pbs realizing it, we’re all here to help!
Speakin’ just 4 myself, I don’t think I’m a pro at all when I see some page-long scripts some guys put together, could never work that out!
So I’m just gratefull they provide their flas, arrange them a bit and reuse the stuff…
For me, Flash is more 'bout having fun (sometimes…:slight_smile: than work.
Anyway, post whatever you come up with…

I agree… creativity is 90% of flash… not experience.

but…i have plenty of idea’s, but they just never work out and i end useing basic stuff, but yeah il show you what I ended up with.

It ok… it takes time. :slight_smile: