Just asking a quick question

Hi Everyone (and everything?),

I just recently got into webdesign and I’ve been loving every minute of it </sarcasm>. Nah it is good fun, had problems every step of the way though and have been solving them myself up till now. Decided on this problem I’d ask the pros. I’ve got 2 images which I made in Fireworks for a button I want to make.

Heres the button:

and heres what I want the button to look like when the mouse hovers over it.

I know how to make a hyperlink rollover image but I was wondering how I make basically the same thing as a rollover image expect for a submit button on a form? Is it possible?
I would like to make this my Login button on my site (If you couldn’t tell by the word ‘Login’ on the images) but I was wondering if it is possible to make a rollover image into a submit button? Would it be easier to make the form in Flash? Any advice/opinions/random thought waves/abuse on this would be appreciated.

PS: Was this the right section of the forum for this topic?