Just curious but how do you

I’ve seen it somewhere on the forum before but can’t remember where…

There is a table that shows the users rated by amount of posts in the forums, just curious to see it really because I know I’ve seen it before and now I can’t remember where.

Anybody any ideas :h:

Lol thank you pixels, you just about cleared it all up there :wink:
He always does that :stuck_out_tongue:


Tried to mix those 3 - talk about bad operation…

I like it, we should keep it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell no. That thing is wierd.

my try

looks angry to me :mu:

Lol his eye is twitching…

He looks like someone poked him in the eye while laughing.

I like it, I’m gonna keep using it

I was just looking at everyone’s avatars in the list. Does anyone else have a brief second everytime they see someone’s avatar where they think the person looks like that? Or is it just me? Some of the best ones for this are The Vulcan’s, Lou_Sifffer’s, CanadianGuy’s and SteadyScene’s.

Sure thing pal; im hairy, short, redhead and have hairball. And wear boots.

I think we need a smiley illistruating a hand smacking the face. That “DUH” feeling.

you can always just do this:


mlk, i thought u were female!

Now, how many of us thought JennaBately was the girl in her avatar.

ohh, i know this…ME!!

I did, i remember that whole thing. That was so funny.