Just curious but how do you

I’ve seen it somewhere on the forum before but can’t remember where…

There is a table that shows the users rated by amount of posts in the forums, just curious to see it really because I know I’ve seen it before and now I can’t remember where.

Anybody any ideas :h:


Members List (at the top), then sort by posts.


thanks Thor, that was really bugging me…but why the thumbs down :puzzled:

There we go. Been looking for that forever.


I was just looking at everyone’s avatars in the list. Does anyone else have a brief second everytime they see someone’s avatar where they think the person looks like that? Or is it just me? Some of the best ones for this are The Vulcan’s, Lou_Sifffer’s, CanadianGuy’s and SteadyScene’s.

I know this was a kinda dumb thing to be asking but I knew i’d seen it before and it was just bugging me where it was, thats all.

Lol don’t worry you’re not alone. I didn’t want to ask anyone just incase it wasn’t there anymore or it was a button right in my face :sure:.


As it turns out, it was a button right in front of your face.

It was actually in my screen but call it what you want.


lol, button in screen, screen in front of your face, it all works out. :thumb:

Screen is actually 1.5 - 2 feet away. Not in my face though. If it was right in my face, it would be touched my ocular nerves along with my brain cells ;).

Uuhh…Back to being normal :ne:.

I dunno, I’ve had quite a liking to that smiley. Was able to use it in one or more occasions…:slight_smile:

Garsh darnit Sharif,
in another mini-argument are we? Tisk Tisk Tisk…

Grinch what are you talking about.

I’m joking around with him. Of course it’s right in my face.

Would I come out with words like “Ocular” and “Brain” and a measurement of all that :sen:?

Is everything an arguement to you? Even when I’m not even talking to you :puzzle:?

I believe he’s just joking with you as well… because you tend to jack threads into jokes :stuck_out_tongue:

No he always does this :sigh:.

We were talking about the button on my face and the button has to do with the forums so I didn’t hijack it :P!

but it wasn’t about about top member posters thingy :wink:


we need a smiley that mixes :stuck_out_tongue: with :wink: like ; P but winks and laughs

The button had to do with re-arranging the list of top members by posts.

Oh and…;P.

Btw - if we mix a smilie like that, it’ll be laughing with a wink with something red like a fat twizzler sticking out :lol:.

but that doesn’t smile and wink :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit: this is not on topic


Lol thank you pixels, you just about cleared it all up there :wink:
He always does that :stuck_out_tongue: