Just Started Last night

and I’m looking for a few opinions. Most of it is just pretty graphics I’ve been making.

If there’s something you think I should change, I’d be more than willing to listen.

Please comment…

I like the menu but I think the graphics make the site look a little tacky.

A well done site shouldn’t have a message saying it looks best in IE. You don’t really have that much HTML code to really screw up in a browser so it should look good in any modern browser. I don’t see where Flash was really needed to design your site, so maybe that kind of stuff will be added later. I don’t like how the images make up a box like effect, but they the don’t touch anything. It looks only partly done, which I know you said you aren’t done just yet.

it looks like pictures just put next to each other with a space…BLANK…graphic…BLANK…next graphic…looks a bit …umm, not correct…but i like the navigation too…hate the gaps…makes it look professional geocities…but then again, its not finished so yeh :slight_smile: good luck