K ... got the combobox ... one lil bug in it :)

if you could help me figure this out … i’d appreciate it.

here’s the script i have for one of the comboboxes on the main timeline of the movie


i have data entered in the combobox as just a number … so it will gotoAndStop on whatever the number is corresponding to that frame within the mc named mapview … it’s instance name on the main timeline is map

i tried saying … _root.map.gotoAndStop … as well … but that’s not working either … what am i doing wrong … i can post an example if necessary . but the file is kinda large :slight_smile:

also … one thing i just thought of … in the mc “mapview” i have all the frames labeled with their names … exactly as they are in the labels for the combobox. is it possible to write a script that goes to the frame with the label corresponding to the selected name in the combobox … or would it just be easier to tell it to go to a frame number like i’m currently trying to do? :slight_smile:

frame labels are usually best. If you labels on your combobox correspond exactly with your frame names, then…


Note two things. If the instance name of your combobox is division, you could just say onChange=function(division){

notice I changed division to fcombobox… for the same reason.

Try to trace the value just to check

    trace (divisions.getselecteditem().data);

And if divisions is the name of your combobox, then your function should be:



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all the stuff I’ve done is Internal for a financial institution, so they dont let us share. I am doing a new site for a development company. I just got it today. I did another one a looooooooong time ago in html, but it is just funny dreamweaver stuff. Very outdated the moment I finished it.

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So what about that prototype? :stuck_out_tongue:

prototype sounds right… Im trying to get the cobwebs out of my head. My first thought was a couple of functions. I guess the trick is that it should invoke onpress and onEnterframe in order to work correctly. Right? Sounds right… :slight_smile:

i did the trace like you said pom … and it returned nothing … what do i do?

here’s the code i have on the frame containing the combobox instance

//this is the control funtion for the Divisions combo box
onChange = function (divisions) {
	trace (divisions.getselecteditem().data);

did you try what I said, shuga? You said the labels matched the frame names.

However, like Pom said… if your trace is not showing a value, something else is wrong. Check your change handler and the name of your instances.

i did try what you said inigo … when i do that … do i erase the data values for the combobox? or leave them as frame numbers like they were?

can i email you the file … its 1.81 mb?

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hhahahah… you can just leave them, Shuga. It should work. If you have problems with it, email to me at [email protected] and let me know here that you did that, please. :slight_smile:

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i just sent it … go get it quick before hotmail clears your inbox b/c the file is so large :slight_smile:

thanks very much for your help

nothing there. zip before you send, shuga, plus I should plenty of space available.

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I’m trying to load a couple of .swfs into a main swf. I wan to drop it into a target movieclip. This is all I have

function movieSelector() {
loadMovieNum(comboBox.getSelectedItem().data, 2);

but this drops it into a level. Anybody got any ideas?


well, this one fell through the cracks. I wonder if it was resolved?