Pom ... inigo .... did you have any luck w/ my movie

i posted my fla for download last week and then the weekend came. now i’m back in the office and my thread has been bumped off the list. did either of you have any luck getting my stupid combo boxes to work … so you could tell me what the problem is.

the fla is at http://www.roughedout.com/newTour.fla

thanks very much :slight_smile:

Hey Shuga… you should’ve bumped up your entire thread :slight_smile:

At first, I used this code:


apparently it worked like a charm! :slight_smile: heheheh

Quick question. When I choose CHMO from the divisions combo. Where exactly do you want it to go?

try this to catch the event:

onDivPicked = function () {
	trace (divisions.getselecteditem().data);

that is the same thing lowgas :slight_smile: Actually, there is something else going on with his script. It simply does not recognize changes on those boxes. I am looking at them now… We’ll see.

each of those capitalized acronymns is a division name so i would like it to gotoAndStop on the frame in the map movie that has the location of the corresponding division.


in the symbol “map” there are lots of frames. each labeled with the divisions name that it depicts. i just want it to show that frame so the map will come up showing the location.

once i get that to work i want to add another action for it to perform for the camera window on the right side so it will go to the corresponding frame in another mc and load the panoramic view that corresponds to that division.

so maybe something like


does that make sense?

thanks very much for your help

lol …


Okay… solved!

You have an extra combobox in there somewhere. Have not found where, but here is how you can fix it. Try to add another combobox to the stage (from the ui components). It will tell you there is a combobox conflict. Choose replace combobox. This will delete the old one. Now, delete the new one. Run your movie… VOILA!! It’s a beautiful thing!

omgosh omgosh omgosh … you’re so genius

thank you thank you thank you … so stoked!!

how’d you figure that out?

thank you!! :slight_smile:

I prayed to the Flash Gods, and by the power of SupraBeener and Pom… Boooooom!