hey guys this site im working on is not yet finish but i would love to hear feedback from you guys…

I like it a lot, very clean and smooth, my two suggestions:

  1. are you sure about that brown?

  2. the scroller on the side often stops because it’s on the edge of the file, try making the file width 100% of the window with a noscale setting turned on :wink:

hey thanks yeah i noticed that scrolling stoping … brown cuz thats what the client want

ok, the scrollings should be easy to fix though :wink:

oh theres 1 question i have to ask how do i exact fit my flashmovie to browser

Go to File --> Publish Settings --> under one of the tabs change it to publish as percent and set the percent as 100.

Very nice and clean site, and I like the brown actually. My only concern is the Nav animation is kinda jumpy and freezes up on me - if I rollover it quickly it partly comes out and then gets stuck there for a second. And the noise could do with a bit of work - a bit gentler maybe. But overall I love the site, good job!

yeah i did that but it did effect the movie…it wont bigger i want it to stay the same size as it is but the flash/movie fit exactly in the browser

on your first frame but Stage.scaleMode=“noScale”, or better yet, set it to noscale in the flash export settings :slight_smile:

very cool

launch is spelt the way i just spelt it not luanch

Very cool and smooth! I enjoy the mouseovers, it’s something different.
What are you planning on doing with the rest of it?
I’d like to see a little bit of movement and different pictures for the sections.

luanch = wrong.
launch = right.
spellcheck = best.

Looks real good man, clean, colors are real nice, navigation is cool, but what I really like is the how you used a very basic masking for you transitions and made it look good. GJ.

was the opening sequence done in after effects??? just curious…???

Very cool!

I like the brown.

yeah its after effects thanks guys for all your feedback … dont worry bout the wrong spelling i only put those txt … to see how it look likes with contents