Flash site

Hi Kirupa and everyone. I just built a flash site and I was wondering if y’all might have any suggestions to improve it. Its just navigation and layout, no content yet. I’m gonna add lil sound too.

I don’t know what it really looks like because my monitors is wierd so everything is like 3x lighter than it really is. Oh, and its not imbedded in an html page so I hope you can still view it.

my flash site

Hey kth,
I really like it. I like the lighter color-less sites. The have a nice ambient mood to them. I like the animation the way it is. You may choose to increase the frame rate, but that is optional. I can’t wait to see it in its completed form! :slight_smile:


I agree with Kirupa 90%… I like bright vibrant colors on a site… however… your site is really nicely done… especially for a first run. I agree about the frame rate.

The sliding transluscent panels are pretty cool as ideas go… I was working on something similar a while back, but never got an effect the way you did. I believe it has to do with the 3D aspect of it, which I’ve only recently started dabbling into.

Keep up the good work, and post back when you have updates for us to check out.

Hi guys,

Thanks for answering. I like the clean transparent look too. I think I will speed up the frame rate so its not so sluggish. I may also have the panels coming from all sides and coming together in the middle.

Upnaut, this is my second attempt to make a flash site, my first one I wouldnt even show you guys! It wasn’t 3D, but I’ve noticed that seems to be popular right now so I remembered back to my drawing class about lines and perspective. All I did was play with the alphas of everything.

What I really want to do is have a few movies with “rooms”, and have a little door with an arrow pointing out so when its clicked, the next movie and the next “rooms” will slide over and take the place of the first movie, like in the Barneys web site. Thats some complicated actionscripting though but would be cool if I could work it somehow with you guys help!


i like the feel of it. :slight_smile:

is this your URL? students.washington.edu/k…erface.swf
sorry, but when I click on this link on my mac with IE 5.0, I see only a window with strange characters on it.

example: Èfffÿ(TextField5Culture¿x+L9¸L9¸L9¸L9¸ƒculture.swf_level2ƒ&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp _level3ƒ&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp _level4ƒ&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp _level5S<caron:mad: —$€&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp .gì ‡ì
?0&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp ÈÌÌÌÿ(TextField13Logic&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp .gì ‡ì&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp ¨?0&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp È™™™ÿ(TextField13Logic&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp .gì ‡ì&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp ¨?0&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp È™™™ÿ(TextField13Logic&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp .gì ‡ì&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp ¨?0&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp È™™™ÿ(TextField13Logic¿H+°€€°€€°€€°€€ƒlogic.swf_level5S<caron>ÂZ&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp - gì?ÇìØ?0&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp ÈÌÌÌÿ(TextField2EmailS<caron> Bª@

Hi Hip-a-trip,

Yes thats my url. I don’t know why macs can’t see my swf. I am thinking it has to do with the fact that I haven’t put it in an html page and macs can’t read swfs? I will stick it in an html page and hopefull that will work so you can view it.