Keeping objects vertical (MX) - sorry awful description :(


i’m trying to adapt a .FLA from which creates a “tree”

at present, there is an MC of a line with a round button at the end.

this MC is played on startup - clicking on the button plays the MC from the centre of the button out in a random direction, creating another branch.

the result is a tree-like design. - you can see a test here:

I want to adapt this so text can be added to each “node”, however, i have realised that as each branch is just the MC rotated, any text (or any kind of design dependant on vertical alignment) could be upside down.

Would it be possible to “start” a seperate MC (which would be vertical at all times) at the end-point of each new node-MC?

I am not expecting you to provide a detailed answer - some information as to whether this would be possible would be ideal. (maybe a few hints too :wink:

You can see the original (and code) here, at

any help greatly appreciated,