Keeping track of which clip is open?

Hello –

I have a problem in a navigation model I am doing.

I have three movie clips which launch three different sections of my flash site when clicked. These clips are tiny images of three products.

When you click them I want another group of 3 clips which contain animations of the products zooming in to play an appropriate frame when they are clicked to zoom in.

Then, once the animation is done… the appropriate section loads.

Here is the problem. I can do the button actions fine.
BUT – When the next product has to zoom up I cannot get the one that is already zoomed up to zoom down and then play the next products zoom up animation.

Anyone know of a way to track and update the states of these? Or determining which of the 3 products was clicked and let them zoom in and out dynamically?

Been crazy on this one… if anyone can please help it would be appreciated as I do not want to scrap the idea.



there is a tutorial on transition between external swf… the idea shld be the same… go take a look on that…