::kerning + dynamic text fields::

so, i desperately need to control kerning values
of text that i’m loading from an external xml file.

i understand that you can assign html tags and/or
CSS, but according to the built in action script
reference i can’t find any support for kerning.

anybody figure out a way around this? i’m thinking
that maybe i have to create my own custom font face
that carries a concrete kerning value, but i’m not sure of
how to do this (or if it would even work) and before i
tackle it want to know if there’s an easier way.


soooo… nobody has ever tried to do this? i doubt that.

i know one of you guru types have tried to control kerning on dynamic text…


The long and short of things:

Sorry, there’s no way under any versions of Flash right now to kern dynamic text. Either embed the text, or deal with un-kerned text.

crap. i don’t really have the option of embedding. ah well. thanks for the info!