Keyboard acting weird

OK I got myself a new keyboard… didn’t cost much but it seemed to be all I needed. it has even got the extra internet keys or whatever u call them.

Anyway it’s been great until I tried to play counter-strike again.
At first it seemed that I could only hold down 2 keys at once or else it will freeze for a second and beep. But further investigation revealed that that will only happen with the left arrow button.
for example if I hold down ctrl,forward,rightarrow it works fine but ctrl,forward,leftarrow beeps…
It’s so annoying because I need to move diagonally while crouching :wink:

Anyone encountered anything like this?
Is this is a crappy keyboard or is it broken or something :crazy:

edit: oh and don’t recommend using the aswd keys. I know they can be very comfortable for playing. I tried but it just takes too long for me to get used to