Keyword search

Lately, I learned on this site that I could make flash (MX and 2004) load a text an external file and display it in a textbox.
I would like to know if there is a way, anyway, to make a “keyword search” from those external files in flash.
Any help will be appreciated.

You just want to search if some word exist on a block of text?
Or something more advanced?

Hum? Lets see…
I just want it to seach it a word exits in the external texts, if yes, to load the text in wich the word is in a variable…
If no, to display a message in the variable telling that there is no result.
esle (for example if the word as been found more than one time)
I don’t know:sigh: You decide .

Oh, by the way I’ve figured that I can’t find a simple scrollbar standing alone in Mx2004, it is always with a text box, a pane or something but never alone.
Is that correct or should I reinstall Mx2004?
Thanks again.