Killing the focusManager in AS3

Hello there,
In AS2/AS1 I can kill the focusManager of the components by using this trick:

_root.createEmptyMovieClip(“killFocusManager”, focusManager.getDepth());

How can I accomplish the same thing in AS3?
Thanks in advance

BTW: if you are interested, here it is a “long” explanation why I need to do so.

I work for a web-agency and we are trying to move (little by little) to AS3.
Nice… but there are some real-work problems.
For example a lot of coworkers of mine, graphicians, found it hard because they are used to put code on the timeline or over movieclips or buttons and so on…

So, one solution is to develop the main container and every dynamic sections in AS3 and to leave statics sections in AS2 (static animations o semi-static clips programmed for example with “”).
Then I can load in AS3, the swf made in AS2.
If, for some reason, they have to talk each other they can do it with the local connection.
In fact it is exactly what I’ve done and all worked well.

Problems arise when I use the components.

Here there are two scenarios.

Scenario 1 - solved

  • as3.swf doesn’t contain any component but contains a normal input textfield
  • as2.swf contains a component (an inputText component)

When I click on the inputText (in as2.swf) and then I click on the normal textfield (in as3.swf), the focus automatically switches back to the inputText…

To solve this, after some tries, I decided to kill focusManager in as2.swf (using that trick above) and magically everythings worked!

Scenario 2 - the real problem

  • as3.swf contains a component (an inputText component)
  • as2.swf contains a component (an inputText component) or as2.swf doesn’t contain any component but contains a normal input textfield

In this case I end up checkmated.
It’s nearly impossible to target the textfield or the input text in as2.swf after targetting the input text in as3.swf.

I suspect that also in this case the FocusManager plays a role… so I think that disabling or killing it in as3.swf can solve the problem in the same way it is solved in scenario 1.
However, how to do it is unknown to me.
This is why I posted here.
Any idea?

P.S. if you want to try, here you can find the zip files containing the 2 scenarios