Problem with components and focus

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with Flash 8. Whenever I have a component either on stage, or in the library, there is a problem with the focus. For example, I have a text field on the stage. If you click the text field, focus is set to it. And when you click anywhere outside the text field, it should lose focus. But this doesn’t happen when the component is there. This causes a big problem if you use onKillFocus on the text field. Now of course, there’s no problem when the component is gone from the stage and library. To test this out, make a new movie with a text field. Create an onEnterFrame function to trace Selection.getFocus(). When you click on the text field you’ll see that it traces out the instance name of the text field. And when you click outside the text field it traces out “null”. Now add a component to the stage and repeat the process. When you click the text field it traces the instance name, but when you click outside the text field it traces “null” for a split-second, then goes back to tracing the instance name.

Can anyone help me figure out how to fix this problem?