Kindergarden flash question

Hi and because question is soooo easy i buy you Bintang beer if you come to Jakarta!!

  1. I make a simple movie (call it movieClip) first frame has stop(); action, second frame has label playMovie, last frame has action gotoAndPlay(2); (so that movie not stop anymore)

  2. Now I place movieClip on stage.

  3. Question… what is code to make movieClip play frame label playMovie?

I already try to put many different type action in frame one of stage
this.movieClip.gotoAndPlay(“2”); //NOT WORK
this.movieClip.gotoAndPlay(2); //NOT WORK
this.movieClip.gotoAndPlay(playMovie); //NOT WORK
this.movieClip.gotoAndPlay(“playMovie”); //NOT WORK
_root.movieClip.gotoAndPlay(“2”); //NOT WORK
_root.movieClip.gotoAndPlay(2); //NOT WORK
_root.movieClip.gotoAndPlay(playMovie); //NOT WORK
_root.movieClip.gotoAndPlay(“playMovie”); //NOT WORK

i also try put action on movieClip (onload, etc. etc) but nothing working!!!

I look at tutorial but I not know what I am amiss!!!

i serious. I thank you for help and buy you free beer Bintang in Jakarta.