Kirupa AIM Chat

for all who dont have irc… right now were having a big chat in AIM its very active so come in if u want… just join the channel " Kirupa "

post your aim so sharif can invite you

uhm I have iChat, will that work too?

yep it works. can’t see people’s names though :frowning:

put me in the chat!


invite me!

i got 2 names runnin



[email protected]

:P… bombingpixels but it ended as far as I know :wink:

Its 12pacific(my time) and 3 eastern and no one i s in the chat

I’ll hop on tomorrow morning @ work. :smiley: It was pretty interesting this morning.

Hi i want to joint chatting, can u pls help me.

:smiley: Make things easier… download mIRC it takes like 3 minutes…, or! set up a java client, Im in the process of setting one up on my site if you are interested.

:smiley: IRC is so much better :smiley:

yeah but I can’t connect to dalnet, efnet worked so much better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Only one server on DalNet works for me, or whatever it is :wink: Try it. (I dont know if that’s exactly right but it’s hotspeed.something)

k thanks, I’ll try that…

You have been autokilled.

:frowning: I’ll keep trying…

it seems to be a problem with idendt… and I can’t get it working! I HATE DALNET! why can’t we switch back?

Alright everybody… dalnet connects on a different port… lol no idea y… just let it sit and see if it will connect :smiley:

… I still go to efnet :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, sorry about that sen, I had the title changed to go to DalNet and my username was Go2DalNet but I must have gotten disconnected so it all changed back to default while I was out of town :frowning:

Come join us though :smiley: