- Advanced Rollovers Using Tell Target

  Advanced Rollovers The button rollovers and simple text effects do not provide the level of control you need for creating killer animations. Using Tell Target with a Button can create navigational elements with custom rollover effects that are simple yet aesthetically appealing. Before we begin, please make sure you have a basic understanding of how to use the following technique below:  The example below will highlight what you will do and have done at the end of this lesson. Rollover the Blue Buttons Advanced Rollovers: Before we start, please download the partial source below. Don't worry, the partial source will not have the key elements to make it'll do that with the information found below. Click here to download the source. Here's How: First, you know that for each action of the button, the movie clip that I have targeted is going to have to respond. So, there are separate frames for when the mouse rolls over the button, and when the mouse rolls of the button. In other words, we had to define how each and every action of the mouse was going to define the movie. So, on the drawing area, you should see a small hollow circle. Right click on that, and choose "Edit in Place". You can tell that each and every frame has a label attached to it, that makes it work. See image below: [ For information on how to create the movie clip, click here. ] From that, you can tell that there are 6 main frame labels. 1text, 1back, 2text, 2back, 3text, 3back. That is what you will be using in the code in a few seconds. 1text will play the first text effect. On rollout, 1back will play to undo the first text effect. The same for 2 text, etc. If you don't fully understand, it's ok. Once you add the code in, you should be able to understand it better. Click on the Scene 1 icon on the top left of the timeline. You should know be back at the main timeline-window. It's time to add the actions to the buttons.   Right click on the first blue button, and choose "Actions". From there, click on the "+" and choose Basic Actions > Tell Target. Once you have done that, click on the "target" syntax and enter the following in the input box for target: /rollover Then click back on the "+" and choose Go To. Select Frame label, and enter "1text". Your code should look like the image below: Now, you need to copy all that code and paste it below in the same location. Highlight all the code and Right Click: Copy. Then click on the last line of the existing code (you'll highlight the bracket) and choose Paste. You should now have exact replicas of the same code. Of course, you will need to modify it. Click on the second piece of code on the "gotoAndPlay" line. From the box for Frame label, change that information under Frame to: 1back. Now, we need to do one more major detail. On the top lines of the code, it says "on (release). It needs to be changed. Click on the first onRelease statement, then Uncheck the box for release and check the box for Roll Over. Repeat the same step for the second on (release) statement. Except, instead of checking the box for Roll Over, check the box for Roll Out. Your code should look like the following: You can preview that, and test to see if the first button works. It should. Now, copy all that code, and right click on the second button and choose actions. Paste this code in there. Change the 1text and 1back to 2text and 2back respectively. Preview the animation. The second button should work. Bamm!!!! (As Emeril Lagasse would say). Now, let's get the third button working. Right click on the third button, and choose Actions. Paste the code. Replace the 1text and 1back to 3text and 3back. Preview the animation. It should work. Amazing isn't it? Below should be the code for each button: First Button on (rollOver) {          tellTarget ("/rollover") {                    gotoAndPlay ("1text");          } } on (rollOut) {          tellTarget ("/rollover") {                   gotoAndPlay ("1back");          } }   Second Button on (rollOver) {          tellTarget ("/rollover") {                    gotoAndPlay ("2text");          } } on (rollOut) {          tellTarget ("/rollover") {                   gotoAndPlay ("2back");          } }   Third Button on (rollOver) {          tellTarget ("/rollover") {                    gotoAndPlay ("3text");          } } on (rollOut) {          tellTarget ("/rollover") {                   gotoAndPlay ("3back");          } }   That is all there is to creating advanced rollover buttons. For the final source code, please Click Here If you would like to know how to create the movie clip with all the actions, click here. Got a question or just want to chat? 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