Image Editing and more!

Do you think Image Editing belongs in Web technologies? I mean yes, web technologies take advantage of image editing but image editing goes beyond web technologies. Its like the ole - a fly is a bug but a bug isnt necessarily a fly - kind of thing .

Im thinking it could justify a new section like a drawing and design kind of section. Theres a whole forum for that (which is fairly popular Im led to believe) and it seems a few decent posts could be snagged from there to make for some quick down and dirty filler tuts to poulate it before anything intense/specific gets made.

Maybe subsections like

  • 3D
  • Web Design
  • Application Design

or do it by application like

  • Photoshop/ImageReady
  • Fireworks
  • 3D Applications


Just a thought. I dont know if its a road to be traveled but I thought Id mention it :slight_smile: