Dropping by after a long time!


I found Kirupa on twitter and remembered this place. I was a lurker back in the early 2000s (and vBulletin/Flash days) when my brother used to frequent this forum. The site looks really great and the forums look clean with discourse. I’m happy to see Kirupa still doing his thing. Sorry if I’m hijacking this thread, just wanted to send some positive vibes to y’all.

KIRUPA is faster and lighter than ever!

Hi @WakeMeAtThree! It is always great to hear from people like you who lurked so many years ago! What are you doing these days? Did you get into web development? Did your brother have an account on the forums? If so, do you remember his username?

I have a billion more questions, but I will stop here for now :smiley:


Hi @kirupa! I became an architect and my brother became a mathematician. I didn’t get into web development, though I do a considerable amount of programming in my work as I use it for generative designs/animations in Processing. I think I stumbled upon your account after following Keith Peters (quick fact: his actionscript examples were mostly ported to processing.java/py). Feels like a full circle set of events.

Yes he did! His name was H88/Pinnedbot. Happy to answer your questions! If you’re ever in town here I’ll be happy to show you around.


Small world! :stuck_out_tongue: I (and probably most of the regulars here) totally know h88/pinnedbot! He was a moderator here, and I had a Hangout video chat with him a few years ago (thought it seems more recent than that haha). It’s great to see that you are still working with animations. I didn’t know that Processing helped with architecture. That’s really cool to know. What town are you in?


Dubai, currently witnessing the total lunar eclipse!

I’ll stop posting here and pm you instead. Apologies to all for going off topic! :sweat_smile: