Kirupa - Contest? Competition?

I, as you know am building my site and am not as proficient in Flash as I would like to be but still would like to have a really cool, preferably small in size title header for my site. I can give the parameters of what I am looking for if it is Ok with you to do this on your site; I was thinking of a 30 day wrap up as I would like to publish around 6/15/2002. I don’t have a lot of money but would be able to provide a 25.00 prize to whoever it is that gets chosen. I could forward the prize money to you and you could give it to who I choose. Would it be OK to do something such as this? Or should I just forget this idea here? Lemme know.


What is it that you want ??

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I has something like this in mind. Mind you I will try to phil you in on the purpose of the page and the meaning of the name as best I can, but I desire the Title Header to strongly reflect the name, Corpus Tyrannicus, (Body of Tyranny in Latin).

There are various themes also I would like. Now remember the name and don’t recoil at what I am going to describe because this site will be dedicated to naming Bodies of Tyranny and publishing archives. One example would be a train coming to a stop at Auchwitz, with the words in German Iron above the gate “Work makes Free” and perhaps people being offloaded onto a conveyer belt that leads to ovens and chimney smoke. I would like it to look like Kirupas little Traffic Animation. And to also leave enough room for the Websites name or to Incorporate it into the artwork. Something very simple yet something that shows exactly what went on in those terrible places.

Or if that seems to difficult or if it seems offensive, (I hope it doesn’t) then something more like this. A T-Rex dinosaur (Big Government) gobbling up little people (Liliputians-the Citizens). There would have to be room for the name as well.
Jaws moving, legs moving as he walks and chews up people. Although I am asking for things that sound dark, it is to convey the thought that big government has dangers and people need to be aware of them. Like an eyes wide open type of thing. But at the same time I wish it to be a light image (Title Bar) like Kirupas little Traffic Animation.

It could be an animation of a taskmaster (big government) whipping stick people in order to make new weapons to pursue war with.

I would like the animation to be no larger than 15-18k and a lot smaller if at all possible. It would have to be about the size of the one I have now.

But whatever it is it has to look professional and clean. And hopefully it will help them to remember the Sites name, odd as it might seem.

I would also be open to just about any variation of the themes described above, as it is not hard for people to think of kind of neat variations with their own imaginations. Am I painting a clear enough picture Pom?


Very clear, Fil, but the thing is I’m not the animation guy at all. I wished I could help, but I’m not your man on this one. Good luck (maybe Live, now that I think of it…);

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Hey Phil,
I don’t mind publicizing that on my site, but you might be a lot better off paying someone like Edwin (Crazy Flash Pie) to create the animation for you. I have yet to see anyone so fluent in animation and drawing in Flash (upuaut is also good :slight_smile: ) as Edwin. His AOL Im name is: Crazy Flash Pie You might be able to have him help ya =)


Yes Edwin trully scares me. I am not an animation person either. I live to script and thats pretty much it.

Isn’t edwin Thoriphes?

need to know-

Edwin is VTS

Hey guys… I haven’t been around all weekend… still recovering from a night of debauchery and drinking in the City Saturday night (I being an old man… I can’t quite handle that kind of thing anymore. :slight_smile: )

I’d love to lend a hand though. Vts and I know each other pretty well… we could possibly colaberate on something…

I am a little busy at the moment. How soon before you’re looking to have this done?

That would be great which means if you have seen the site, understand the concept of the name, and heard my ideas above then you understand that although being an eye opener i definately want it done in taste, yet it still needs to be shown for the grotesquness it is. Tyranny that is, and I was referencing my statements above about what we desire in the title bar. Does 6 weeks give you teo eough time, or do you think that is not enough time? June 21st, the first day of summer? Ask VTS and let me know, then we can discuss some ideas/parameters for you guys to work within. Thanks, and I appreciatte your offer Dave.