Sover stylie

my very first post. just wanted to join the contest and hoping to win this. i badly need the money xD

when’s the judging gonna happen anyway?

*bump bump bump

I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t interested in hearing the reason for this bump?
The judges will look to all the threads and thus yours will be seen if it is at the bottom or the top of the page.

In case you were interested in receiving feedback on your design.
I think your image dimensions are to large. 150px vertically in which you place barely anything. So you use a lot of pixels which will be taken of from the part where otherwise useful content could be.

Your design is further clean in colors. Not bad in fact, but does not show creativity in my opinion.
Although is a clean, well organized website, it is so cool that this “coolness” should be translated into the header design. This could be realised by trying to be innovative, creative and perhaps show some balls in your design by being really different.

The top picture in your quote for instance is a far better, creative result of design then the posted header.

was hoping for this kind of reply. thanks wicked.

as for the image. i think the dimension isn’t that important cos what i used is still reasonable. making big dimension images doesn’t mean you have to fill up all the spaces with designs and such don’t you agree? and i noticed the current header, and the entries, are so small in height to be called a header. i think it would be wise if I’d make it big enough. so i decided 850x150px would suffice.

i observed this site was sort of a professional one, thus i was trying to impress a slick/professional look. creativity, in my opinion, doesn’t always mean designs with those splatter, colorful, bla bla bla etc etc right?

as for my sig, that’s waaaaaaaaay too different. i tell you a header with that designs would murder the whole site. it isn’t fitted for a header.

thanks again for your opinion

aserate - please make your signature smaller :slight_smile: The guidelines are here:

For judging, I will make a post on my blog in a few hours with how that will turn out!