KIRUPA is faster and lighter than ever!


That is the next big thing to tackle. Right now you can’t! :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the 404 link, yes - it totally needs to be different. The last time that file was touched was sometime in 2004. I kinda deliberately dragged my feet on fixing that one for nostalgic reasons. I think this 404 page needs to be updated but still pay respect to the old pixel-themed look somehow. Or maybe not.


Also, does this mean the site is now over 10x faster than what we started with??


I forget what the initial times were, but that sounds reasonable. I would guess we were somewhere in the 2 second range back then.


I was going by the red Load times seen at the bottom of the pictures posted throughout the thread.


I totally missed that! You are right. The site now does load 10X faster, for my internet connection hasn’t changed from the time the first post was made.


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The forums now have a shared header with the main site. I replaced the right side from the main site with the forums-specific search/menu/profile item instead.



It’s going to take me a while to get used to clicking on “forum” and not the kirupa title to go back to the main forum listing :trout:


Same here! I have yet to successfully remember haha.


One more update. This time, the overall page weight is down to under 70KB, thanks to optimizing a few PNGs and using lighter-weight SVGs.

Next up on my list of things to address are making navigation between tutorials and their associated Learn section (where they can browse other related tutorials) easier. Also, I think I will remove the “Newsletter sign-up” UI from the right and replace it with a running feed of new Forum Topics.


Soon, will be giving you bandwidth!


K-man faster & lighter – I thought this was about you being in contention for the Ironman Triathlon or something. Instead I can get rid of the cable internet and proceed to dialup soon.


Haha! I am as far from being in contention for the Ironman Triathlon as it gets right now. I do go to the gym regularly, but I also enjoy tasty food - which kind of negates the gymming! :weight_lifting_man:


As shrinks, kirupa.irl expands


Ha, ha me too. I rep out a lot of fork and spoon curls, but I do high reps so I don’t add bulk.


Any chance you can make the header position: sticky on the forums?