Kirupa Mural

i had an idea that we could do a kirupa mural. just an idea. if you dont know what a mural is, here’s an example:

nice idea… but how long would it be? lol :beam:

it’d depend on how many people, but each slice could be like 200 by 300 pixels or something like that.

that was started a couple of times and petered out … would be nice if someone could pull it off =)

We can :bad:

Oh no, do I smell a pink footer coming through? :stuck_out_tongue:

dan… what happened to “asphalt’s nemesis” as your custom text? do you no longer ph34r me? :slight_smile: btw… isn’t that the same as your cousin’s custom text? :sigh: so unoriginal :wink:

So unoriginal eh. . . .

Do you like pink footers too?

I’m being nice :love:

You know what? This kind of reminds me of the Three Stooges, only it’s the Three Dans… :stuck_out_tongue:

<b>Runs from wrath of angry Dans</b> :slight_smile:

breaks the Kit-Kat into tiny little pieces :evil:

rips the foil thingy

are we talking about the same thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, unless she is wearing a tin foil bra you kinky bastard :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, easy removal :thumb:

We are kinda cool being three dans and being cool and all, perhaps we should start a club or something :beam:

The DDD, no pun intended. . . .don’t want to be too stereotypical clan-ish.

Shall we? We can have logos and stuff :bad:

[SIZE=1](Inbox full American Dan)[/SIZE]

  • Soul :s:

wee! fun…! but is (Ameri)Dan good looking? :stuck_out_tongue:
are we 'llowing ugly people in ‘teh group’ :slight_smile:

Sounds like fun, I always have open web space, we can even have similar clan avatars and footers!

(Inbox is clean UK Dan #1)

*Originally posted by asphaltcowboy *
**wee! fun…! but is (Ameri)Dan good looking? :stuck_out_tongue:
are we 'llowing ugly people in ‘teh group’ :slight_smile: **
I dunno, you tell me:

are you talking about that picture of your stomach?
nice stomach does not necessarily = good looking :wink: