Stick Man War Pixel Art

hey check this out…its hillarious!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


whatchu all think??

I don’t, you said it’s too hazardous for me… :-\

yea, its a .png file…its 3.68mb…maybe someone can save it as a jpeg and load it on their server??

Heheh most of that is pretty rubbish but small parts of it are okay. I think they probably got a load of friends together and they all added a bit which is why theres so many different styles. Looks like it was fun to make though, we should do a better one? The Kirupa War? heh

  • Soul :goatee:

yeah it’s pretty obvious that it’s made by more than one person since you can distinguish where some sections meets.

This is hilarious! I love it! What a mess! :stuck_out_tongue:
I wonder how long it took to make it!
lol! :P:P

who cares who made it…its so dam funnny!! i love stick men and i love stick men kiling each other and bananas EVEN more! :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy:

it would be cool with a Kirupa war…guig0 made a taming of Phil where we take on the evil serpant lord Philbert…Kirupa Clone Wars or something would be cool…or Rise of the Kirupians…Or Saving Private Phil

Heheh shall we do one? :beam:

  • Soul :goatee:

Go to the deviant art mosaic seciton (where this was obviously made from)… there are live updated mosaics being created by deviant users… its really sweet, each one has rules attached to it for your submissions, and then you just see where the users take it!