Kirupa Photo Gallery help needed


I am currently building a site in MX2004, which has been based on the excellent tutorials - ‘Photo Gallery’ and ‘Adding Thumbnails’ that appear elsewhere on this site, a sample page of which can be viewed here;

As you will see, the images that scroll along the bottom which are all called in from the xml file, are working fine and if you click one, you get a larger image above.

My problem is this. You’ll see the white arrow head (currently a button) on the right hand side of the page, which is to move the larger image on to other larger images of the same project. Some of the small images at the foot of the page will show only one large image when clicked, some may have 4 or 5 to show.

If there is only one image to show, then I don’t want to see the arrow head. If there is more than one, then I want to see the arrow head and when it is clicked on, I want the next larger image in that ‘category’ to replace the one that’s there.

At the moment, the xml file lists the images exactly as shown in the tutorials, but does not group them in any way. I think they’re going to have to be grouped to make this work. I’ve tried playing with the xml script to build ‘categories’ but without success. I suspect the ActionScript needs changing to accommodate more than one image in each group.

I’m really stuck on this and would really appreciate any help.

Let me know if you want me to paste the ActionScript and/or xml script here.

Many thanks