#Kirupaforum (I also like babies!)

Argh, why did you have to change servers??? I liked you better on Efnet, now I can’t even get on to you because you are on some weird server. Grr! And on you new server no one is ever on #sealab2021…what is up with that!!!

Deano AKA TheChimp :hurt:

sorry for the R rated title, please change it to “#kirupaforum i am sad”


Dalnet isn’t “Some weird server” :wink:

Anyway, did you join? I dont see you lol.

gah it’s so dumb I can’t even figure out how! hehe

Just instead of EFNet select DalNet and join #kirupaForum

it’s kind of dead atm though.

I also changed the IRC page on the site to reflect the new server info :slight_smile:

why did we switch? and are we going to go back after marz comes back from vacation?

edit: btw, I can even connect, I always get an autokill for no reason