Kirupa's preloader won't show up!

Hi everyone,

My first post. What a nice Web ressource BTW. Excellent site.

Now here is my problem. I am trying to build a decent preloader for a very simple Flash movie: A Charles Mingus Image that fades in, and at the end some buttons appear to give you the choice to hear an exerpt of his music.

My preloader won’t show up! It shows up for just a second toward the end when the movie is almost fully loaded. I followed this tutorial.

Can someone debug this, I just do not understand? Thanks very much for you help.

Dowload the .fla file here (0.9 MB):

You can have a preview of the final .swf on my Website:

when i tried to run the movie in flash mx it prompted for a password…



*Originally posted by Seretha Blaze *
**when i tried to run the movie in flash mx it prompted for a password…

Heu! my .SWF is password protected from import, if I remember well. But my .fla (link above) is not protected, not that I am aware of.

Well, without even looking at the thing, I’m guessing that you have your preloader as part of your main .fla (which will become your main .swf). So, with that said, I’m also guessing you’ve got 1+ clips that are set to “Export for ActionScript” which means you’ve got “Export in first frame” selected in “linkage…”, too. Anyway, check this thread out:


Thanks Elios,

OMG, i am in for a couple of nights of learning here! There must be some way to make a simple preloader for my little project, esp. that most of the file content is the audio track. If the image could appear just as the audio would be, say, 70% downloaded. Pffff!

All suggestions are welcomed. In the meantime, Elios, I will read your post carefully and try to understand what is under the hood. If you, or someone else, have the chance to open and tweak my .fla file, I will send some of my wife’s fine cookies for sure. :trout:


(And I am doing all this for those 56k users out there! Gezzzz…)

Hummm, I tried, but no, for some reason, like flashyfreak I lost the sound.

I do not understand this “linkage” concept very well. But a movie calling another movies does not appear to be the solution here.

(Going to my kitchen to cook some nice hot cookies. Any takers? :bounce: )

Ah, it works, and here’s the fla that proves it. Anyway, be sure to put it in the same directory as mingus.swf, and, also, you probably won’t see anything unless you have a dialup connection.


Sorry, I do believe you are right; give me a few to figure out what the problem is…hmm…


*Originally posted by Elios *
**Sorry, I do believe you are right; give me a few to figure out what the problem is…hmm…


=) Thanks. Indeed:

This is the movie (pre_mingus.swf) calling the other one: no sound.

And this is the movie with sound, the same one.

I know what the problem is: the movie loads into level 1 and not level 0, so level 0 nixes the sound because it has seniority over level 1. Now…to fix it…


Alright, try changing your…

sound = new Sound();


sound = new Sound(this);


Thanks Elios,

It seems that “this” was the answer. :wink:

You can see the result here, on my Web page.

But unfortunately, the progress bar of the preloader does not work. I tried to tweak, but… there is always a “but” in my life. Oh well…

Now I have two missions: 1. figure out what “this” was all about. 2. complete this preloader.

Until then, for those who want to play around with it, you can download the flash file.

And many thanks again (I wonder how you geeks out there can build an entire Flash Web site. This is insane!)

Sorry, dude, I must have been smoking something last night. I forgot to name the loadBar’s instance name loadBar. Sorry…here’s the fix.


This is too much. Thanks very much and have a very good day.